Wait on Him

Posted on 01.17.2012

About a week ago, I went into the recording studio to work on one of two songs which are the last that need to be recorded for our new album. This particular song is one that is so beautiful musically. I remember the morning God gave it to me during my time of prayer and devotion (early in the morning). In fact, on a recent Sunday before that morning, I had heard my pastor preach and somehow that particular Bible passage came up in his message. The next morning I read it and it hit me so hard. As I read those words on that page, the melody for the song just flowed out of my mouth and another song was born. I immediately fell in love with the Bible passage and the melody. That melody stuck with me. That was several years ago.

Since then, all the parts have been established for the song and it is absolutely beautiful. In fact, I sang it once at a church service, accompanying myself on the piano. For, when God creates something, it is absolutely beautiful. This song is one of our favorites. One of the keyboard players in the group arranged the string parts—it is absolutely beautiful. I keep saying that because it is absolutely true!

But, I had a problem.

I could not figure out how to sing it—whether to use my chest voice or my falsetto voice, or to have a choir sing it or an ensemble of some of the best singers in Fresno sing it. I was baffled, slightly frustrated and kept asking God, “show me what to do.” I even thought about not putting the song on the album. I was willing to wait and not even have it on the album! I just wanted it to be right. I did not want to make something so beautiful to turn out less than what God would want.

So I waited. Last Friday, I prayed to God, “Lord, show me how to do this song. You have a plan for this, so please make it happen.” I walked into the studio and I told the engineer, Big Ron, what I wanted to do. I had an idea that just might be the right choice for the song.

I opened my mouth and an amazing thing happened: The song was completed and now it is perfect! I did something different. In fact, the song has a totally different feel and expression than any other song on the album! I let go and allowed God to flow through me. I gave it to Him and He did it! We like it and I hope you will like it too!

I waited and I did not settle for anything less than God.

So, I say to you: Wait on Him.