How the Good Shepherd Leads Us

Posted on 01.23.2012

Over the past few weeks, I have shared my heart regarding what I have been seeking for most of my life. I have found everything I have needed in Him—The God of Creation. In my daily living, as I go from place to place, from task to task, from duty to duty, I am always looking for the right path or the right way to do everything that is necessary for that one day. I am always looking for the right way to say something to someone, or the right choice, about whatever. I know this all sounds so nebulous, but think about it—our lives are a series of choices and about how we manage every little thing that we encounter moment-by-moment.

To get right to it, let us briefly turn to the relationship between a shepherd and his sheep. If you have ever read about this interesting phenomenon, it can be mind-blowing and simply amazing! I heard a sermon on this topic once, and I never looked at sheep the same way.

Why is it that Jesus, our God, is called “The Good Shepherd?” Why is it that we are called “sheep?” For those of us who have big egos, being called a sheep or a lamb is an insult, because sheep are dumb and seriously need to be led. I encourage you to look this topic up—it is quite educational. My point is, that when you take time to read the Bible and come to understand this intimate relationship between shepherd and sheep, it becomes clear as to why we (sheep) need Jesus (The Good Shepherd).

I know that I need leading in all that I do, and that honestly, it is not up to me to lead myself because I have a personal relationship with Christ. If I try to lead myself, I am going to get caught up in something that I cannot get out of—not on purpose—but just because I cannot see what is ahead of me. Leading comes from in front. If I try to lead myself, I will stumble, fall and do the wrong thing and will not make the right choice.  I need to be led by the Holy Spirit in how to, for example, give my patient “bad” news, or how to speak to my daughters and to my husband. Gosh, everyday I face so much that I need to make decisions about. I need someone to lead me.

Jesus led me to the University of Pittsburgh for medical school. For so many reasons I cannot discuss in this short forum, that was one of the best choices ever! I would not have chosen that school on my own! He led my husband and I back to Fresno to raise our daughters and to work. That was the best choice among many. He even led me to call my friend recently when I felt there was a break in our relationship. That was a great leading because it led to total and complete restoration as well as healing and understanding on a deeper level. Not obeying that leading voice I heard in my heart could have resulted in disaster!

He leads like a small voice inside that I have come to recognize as His voice—not the wrong voice. His voice is distinct and not confused with any other voice. Naturally one would ask, “How do you know it’s His voice?” Well, that’s where the getting to know Him comes in. You get to know His voice by spending time with Him—in prayer, in His Word and in fellowship with other believers who know Him also.

Let Him lead you. I am so glad He leads me. With this, here is one of my favorite verses:

“Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, ‘This is the way; walk in it.’” Isaiah 30:21