It Takes Time

Posted on 07.18.2012

This week I am focusing on a subject that all of us are familiar with: Time. The importance of these writings is to focus on the obvious,because we often ignore the obvious or the self-evident truth before us. We need for the simple truth to be  highlighted, underlined, delineated and emphasized.

One of these obvious truths is regarding “time.” What has been fascinating for me as I have walked on my life journey is that fact that everything I do that is the most meaningful, important or significant, takes time.  In my desire to balance my life as a child of God, wife, mother, physician, family member, musician, songwriter, worship leader, time must be made in order to function well in these roles. It is not easy. This is what I mean:

I want to be healthier. Yes, I would like to re-lose the ten pounds I lost last year by exercising consistently and by eating clean, healthy meals. That takes time: If I am going to be consistent with my exercise, I must allocate the amount of time to get it done each day. For me to eat healthy, I must prepare my lunches in advance so that I can have the healthy food available at my office when lunchtime rolls around. That means that I will spend about thirty minutes preparing my food for the next day. That takes time.

It takes time for me to start my day off with God so that I can sit at His feet and glean from my scripture readings and prayer time. I have to spend some time with God in order to function in all of the roles God has given to me.

It takes time for me to get dressed every day, comb my hair and be well-groomed to present myself as a serious professional each day.

It takes time to spend with my daughters, helping them with whatever they need from me (I never know). It takes time to clip coupons and to try to be frugal stewards with what God has provided financially for us. It takes time to make sure the house is in order and clean enough for guests at any time.

It takes time to read thirty articles in Obstetrics and Gynecology in order to stay up with the latest standards for my continuing medical education required each year.

It takes time for me to write music. It takes time to rehearse to lead worship. It takes time to go to the studio to record music for the upcoming album that we have been working to finish for the past year (or seven years).

It takes time to make sure the yard is clean and the pool area is tidy. It takes time to clean the cats’ water bowl and replenish it with fresh water. It takes time.

It takes time to serve people you love, to call them, check on them by e-mail, phone or by written letter—it takes time to show love and care. It takes time to prepare a meal for someone in need.

It takes time to study, students, especially if you want good grades!

I don’t know what is taking up your time, but in order to do good things that produce good results, it will take time. None of us have time.  We make it. Wasting your time should be out of the question, because we do not have time to waste. 

So, take the time of your life and make great things happen by giving your time to what matters.