He Won’t Abandon You

Posted on 07.11.2012

I have a friend who recently lost her mother.
I have a friend who recently lost her sister.
You have a friend who is struggling financially.
You know someone who has lost his home.
You know someone who is unemployed.
We all know some ones with cancer.
Someone is getting divorced.
Someone is having relationship problems.
People are depressed.
People are physically ill.
Someone has lost a child.
Someone has lost their spouse.
Someone is homeless.
Somebody has a drug or alcohol problem.
Someone is addicted to gambling or pornography.
Somebody feels like he or she is a “worthless piece of crap.”
Somebody lost a friendship.
Someone is having difficulty being a wife and mother or husband and father.
Someone feels plain “ugly.”
Someone is thinking about suicide—they have nothing to live for, they think.
Someone feels like he cannot go on.

All of these persons have one thing in common: They feel lonely and alone. They feel abandoned.

Several years ago, I wrote a song that landed on the first cd that I recorded. This song is one of my favorites. In fact, I remember singing it at a “9-11” service one year. After the service, an older man came up to me and said, “You know, that is one song that anyone and everybody can relate to.” He went on to explain that the feeling of abandonment is the sentiment that we as human beings experience when we are hurting.

I wrote this song in response to a situation in which a mom walked away from her husband and children. I had felt so much empathy for this family that one morning when I was praying for them, the Holy Spirit put this song in my heart. The song is called “He Won’t Abandon You.” This song basically says that no matter what we may experience in life, while we may feel desperate and all alone in a situation, God will never abandon us. 

We are reminded that God’s Word says that He will never leave us nor forsake us (Hebrews 13:5). Even though we feel as if no one understands our circumstances, Jesus is right there, listening to our petitions, fully understanding us without condemnation. We may feel misunderstood, but God has the knowledge and power, to aid and to comfort us in our loneliness and desperation. Note the words of this song:

He knows your pain—it feels like a knife—

Straight through your heart, and it doesn’t seem right.

It feels so bad, and the hurt cuts deep.

You toss and turn at night, can hardly sleep.


You don’t understand why this thing has come,

But you trust the Lord—He’s the Only One

Who can fix that thing—Who can heal the sore,

He ‘s the Balm in Gilead, so you won’t hurt anymore.


No!  He won’t abandon you.

No!  He won’t abandon you.

No! He won’t abandon you.

The Word of God is true—He won’t abandon you!


He’s the Joy of your Strength, and the Hope of your soul,

When the storm clouds rise, and the billows roll.

You can take your stand and lean on His Word,

While the Holy Spirit brings to mind all the Truth you’ve heard:

Rise up, my child and exalt His Name.

Your victory has come, you will never be the same!


Be ye delivered!  Be set free!

For, I am the God that healeth thee!

I AM, I AM, I AM, I AM, everything you need.

So follow my commands and you will succeed!


No! He won’t abandon you.

The Word of God is true: