Daily Living Worship

Posted on 07.25.2012

For the past two weeks, I have been anticipating the completion of our new album. It will have new songs, that are only “new” because they are being published for the first time on a professional recording. The time it has taken to do this project has been over the past seven years. Knowing that it has taken so long would cause some to ask, “Why in the world would this have taken so many years to complete?”

The answer for me is simple: I have been living my life in the way that God has called me to live it. I have been doing what God has called me to do. I have had to keep my priorities straight and clear and recognized that I am not in control of the timing of this project, but that God is.

As a wife and mother, I have kept my attention on my husband and our two daughters. I have tried to “be there” for them. In the past seven years, our eldest daughter has gone from being thirteen years old to twenty years old. Our youngest has gone from being nine years old to sixteen years old. Between the two of them, they have gone from junior high, to high school, to college, to Ghana, to Italy, to France and to England and back! They have both had their share of challenges, tests and growth pains, all with my husband and I right in the middle of their normal childhood and teenage and young adult “drama.” We have been determined to track right along with them through every single stage. During all of this, there has been me recording an album, somewhere in there between all of that!

Moving along, for my husband and I to maintain a thriving marriage, it takes time. For us to have an ongoing romance and closeness for twenty-three years requires intentional effort along with a few sessions of marriage counseling thrown in. During most of this time, neither my daughters nor my husband actually ever knew what stage we were in with regard to the album’s progress.

My patients determine my schedule during the week and on some weekends. They certainly take priority. I am a physician, in case any of my readers have forgotten. It is intense. Yes, I often like to attribute the layer of fat on my body to the lack of sleep and high stress caused by my patient load and demands thereof! I do enjoy my work as an obstetrician and gynecologist. Like any other job, it is not always easy!  I still have made attempts to go and record when I can, even if my voice may not be in “tip-top” shape for the recording session. Sometimes the sessions have happened months apart, but we never stopped stewarding the effort. 

The bottom line for me is this: The music God has given for us to share with those who wish to listen, has come out of my every day life of worship to God. I worship Him as I pursue a life of holiness and service to my husband, daughters, friends and family and patients. I worship God each day I get up and try to live with Christ clearly in view. I worship Him as I seek to always remember that my ministry is the person standing in front of me. Your life and mine are to flow out of this kind of daily living worship to God.  For, my purpose is not to record an album, but to live for God.

So, whenever God allows it, that recording will be completed. Soon. Hopefully, you will be inspired by the music and encouraged to engage in daily living worship.