My Freedom

Posted on 07.03.2012

Independence Day is here and I have been thinking about freedom. I have not only been thinking about my freedom, but more importantly, how my freedom is connected to the Truth. I want to share a few of my thoughts of late.

I am privileged to have been born in the United States of America. I love my country and I do not think I would ever want to live anywhere else. For, as a Christian married woman and mother, I am free to live out my faith.  My husband and I have been free to raise our daughters in a Christian home. We have been free to influence them ethically and morally with the Ten Commandments as our guide. No government or secular authority has been able to prevent that. Most of all, we have been free to live out our Christian principles by the power of God.

I have also been able to teach them the principles of good physical health and answer questions about healthy eating habits, as a doctor and mother. We can have ice cream, a little soda and a little candy, but moderation is best! Eating fruit and vegetables is even better! No governor or mayor has told me that we cannot allow our daughters to have candy. That has been our decision. Now, as our daughters get older, they will have to make their choices based on accurate research and information they have been given. One of our daughters is even now considering becoming a vegan! That would be her choice.

It is critically important to be able to make great choices when one has been exposed to the Truth or to correct, honest or reliable information. Jesus said, “ye shall know the Truth and the Truth will make you free” (John 8:32). Being free must be based on the Truth and not lies. When we are lied to, we remain trapped in a false and destructive reality. This inevitably leads to bad, wrong or hurtful consequences—we can end up hurting ourselves and others. The Bible says that “my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6). I am truly baffled at how many people are so unaware of “what is going on in the world” and how many readily digest the onslaught of “non-truths” that are propagated every single day, constantly. The unsuspecting majority of people blindly believe the lies. They do not investigate or seek the Truth. Sadly, the “father of lies” is doing great deceptive work (John 8:44).

A woman who goes to an abortion clinic to terminate her baby often goes without the truth: the circulatory system of a baby is established by three weeks of pregnancy. At three months, the baby has a little butt and teeny toes and all of its basic parts for the naked eye to see. If she knew those truths, would she have an abortion? That is why Pregnancy Care Centers are saving lots of babies doing ultrasounds for women who are considering abortion—the women see that the baby is alive. They are exposed to Truth. The percentage of minds changed is quite high.

I realize that I am a sinner, saved by grace. That is true! I am trapped in a body of flesh until Jesus comes, but everyday I am set free each time I confess the truth of my sin. Jesus’ Truth is that I am valuable as a woman—a Black woman. I am free to work, free to speak my mind, free to be loved and to receive love from others. Christ died for my freedom! I am free to be successful and free to choose. I choose Jesus Christ, who is the Truth. Christianity has been the pillar of the founding of this country and I do not ever want my freedoms taken away. For, Truth and Freedom are far too valuable. Once you travel around the world, it is a rare find.