What To Expect From A Friend

Posted on 08.01.2012

One thing for sure about living this life and being human is that we function in the context of relationships. As we interact with others day-by-day, we develop some expectations that become ingrained in us. When our expectations are not met, whether they are important ones or not, we may experience disappointment. We are seldom indifferent towards unmet expectations.

Relationships are challenging. Really, when I would go to Starbucks to have my yummy “grande, soy white mocha with hazelnut and no whip” drink, Starbucks would sometimes run out of soy milk! I would be disappointed with my barista relationship, but not having my drink was not a life-threatening situation. I could get over it.  However, experiencing disappointment in important relationships can sometimes be life threatening.

We all have either witnessed or experienced disappointment in relationships with family, friends and co-workers. In marriage, unmet expectations can ultimately lead to divorce, which can leave a family on “life support.” Overall, unmet expectations can break relationships and this breach of trust can lead to depression or other negative situations.

I have a relationship with a very good friend who I have come to know over the years. Just like every other relationship I am in, I have come to know what to expect from this friend of mine.  In my history with this friend, I have learned that I can depend on this person for unconditional acceptance, love and forgiveness. I can know that this friend will be there when I call. I know that this friend believes in me, always hopes the best for me and trusts my heart. You see, my expectations with this friend have never been left unmet.

I speak of this Friend of mine in a song called, “I Will Wait,” because I have learned to wait for my Friend to show up and to bring evidence of His Peaceful Presence. In the past, my Friend has come to me in desperate times. I have learned that He will come! My Friend appears by my side to “hear me out,” to listen to whatever I have to say and to love me through my pain. My Friend comes and heals my physical hurts and diseases. He relieves my distress, eventually. Sometimes my Friend will come and carry me through my trial. Yes. The trial may remain, but He carries me through it.

I have come to expect my Friend to come. My Friend, Jesus, is Faithful and True.  My Lord, Jesus, always hears my every prayer. He is always there. My God always delivers, saves and heals. I am reminded to “Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart…”(Psalm 27:14). “Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength” (Isaiah 40:31).

 All of my life, I have learned that God will always show up.  As the old gospel songs have said, “God is always on time.” I just wait and worship Him.

“I Will Wait” is one of my favorites on our upcoming album. The music was beautifully written by our keyboardist, Darrell Devaurs. We hope you will be blessed and reminded to expect the God of the Universe to arrive on time for you.