Celebration of Mothers

Posted on 04.25.2012

Women are amazing!  Mothers are awesome!  There is no greater place of ministry, position or power or privilege than Motherhood.  There is also no more difficult a place, either! Whether you are married or single, the job of mothering is formidable. When I was a mere nineteen years old, I heard a working man say, “ It’s time to go home.  That is where the hard work is.”  I did not fully understand that statement until I had a family.

In this writing, I wish to discuss the fact that a mother is the true “Top Model.” In all that mothers do and in all that they are, mothers serve ultimately as the most influential role model for their children.  This powerful reality has been overlooked, by all of us, I’m afraid.  If we could only grasp the significance of how extremely important this is, we would appreciate how crucial it is for women to be godly and totally surrendered to Him in this role.

Mothers, your children are watching you from the moment they descend from the birth canal. They immediately begin to look into your concentric circles—your eyes—as you talk and bond to them. They never stop watching you or listening to your voice, just as they did in the womb.  You show them how to act and how to be.  They watch you as you worship God with your life and as you serve your family.  They see you and hear you pray.  They see how you value the things of God.  They listen to you as you speak with others and they can tell when you are happy or sad by the inflections in your voice, even when they are babies. They see your attitude, whether it is good or bad.  They hear you when you lie.  They hear you when you pray.  They watch you when you read your Bible. They hear you when you talk to your husband and when you don’t talk to him (the “silent treatment”).  They hear you when you curse. They see you and notice how you treat others and they hear you when you say nice things about people and not-so-nice things about other people. They watch how you deal with difficulty and conflict.  They observe your habits, good or bad.

They hear you and see you when you don’t think they hear you or see you.  

Your children observe how you handle money.  Are you frugal or do you spend even when you cannot afford it?  “Every step you take, every move you make, I’ll be watching you,” like the once popular song said.

I thought I was serving the Lord will all of my heart until our first child was born. Our two daughters taught me that I am their “top model”  and I had to seek after God’s own heart as never before!  Our children become like us, whether we want to believe it or not.

Ladies, take care to live beautifully before your children!  You are their “Top Model!”  The finest clothes you can put on are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control (Galatians 5:22).  Wear them well!