Valuing Women

Posted on 04.18.2012

I have practiced medicine in the field of obstetrics and gynecology for the past twenty-two years.  Needless to say, my patients are women. Day in and day out, I have talked with women, counseled women, cried with women and prayed with women.  I have listened to them.  I have heard their stories. My intimate walk with women as I have served their obstetrical and gynecological needs has shown me that all of life and the ways of the world converge upon women.  For years I have said that being in touch with women puts me in touch with the world!

Women put me in touch with world because they are at the center of the issues of life.  They bear the children with their boyfriends or husbands.  They raise the children and in that capacity alone they fill a multiplicity of roles that require the management skills of a CEO and COO. They manage the family as a whole and are the brains of that organization called the family. The woman or mother must “see all” and “know all” about everyone and everything—who is supposed to be where at what time and how much it costs.  We have heard all of this before, but it seems that we still don’t get it:  We do not seem to value the role of a mother and wife like we should, after all this time.  The feminists don’t get it.  Men don’t get it. Women themselves don’t get it.  Nobody “gets it!”

I am tired of the fact that no one gets it.

We say how important women and mothers are, but we still seem to look down on stay-at-home moms.  I have heard other moms who work outside the home make comments and devalue those who stay at home.  Outside-working moms feel that they are better.  If we were to pay women who work at home for all that they do, it can be up to a six-figure number.  This has been calculated before.  Look it up.  These same women support and care for their husbands and encourage them to go out and “conquer the world” by bringing money home to support the family needs.

Women know when the economy is not good.  They feel the strain when their husbands lose their jobs.  As usual, women are often trying to figure out to make the money stretch.  They clip coupons and do the grocery shopping.  They understand what is going on economic-wise.  They often pay the bills and know what the co-pay will be for that visit to the pediatrician.   They know how much it will cost to fill up the gas tank because she is the taxi driver for her daughter’s soccer game.  They are smart. They often are single moms and must work.  They lose jobs also.

Women experience the pain of death, social issues of race, sex, sexual orientation, bullying, infidelity, rape, molestation and all of the rest of our social ills.  Their children, sadly, experience some of those issues and she has to counsel her children regarding these problems and teach them “right from wrong.”  She goes her children’s school, talks to the teachers and even volunteers to help in the classroom. I could go on, but we all know very well what women do.  Women fill multiple roles, whether they work outside the home or stay at home. They have a big job.

My point is that women are valuable.  When you study the Bible, you will see that Jesus knew the value of women and treated them as highly valuable. In fact, in all of history, Jesus was the one who first valued women like none other.

Let’s show women some real, genuine R-E-S-P-E-C-T.