Mothers are All That and More

Posted on 05.02.2012

I am continuing on the theme of women and mothers since Mother’s Day is fast approaching.  Further, it is fitting for us to focus on this subject for such a time as this.  The subject of women, their value and influence continues to be in the national political debate.  In this writing, I plan to simply illuminate the roles that mothers play, just so these roles are undeniably right in front of us.

Last week, I shared about how women are ”top models” for their children.  Our children watch everything that we do and say.  Even in that modeling, they are learning how to function in life.  Proverbs 31:27 states that the “woman of noble character,” “the virtuous woman” is one who “watches over the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.”  She does not have an idle or lazy bone in her!

How could she, when she functions as the safety officer, health officer, sanitation director and director of waste management?  She is the grooming officer, the clothier, security guard, and director of human resources (who in the house does what chore?).  She is most often in charge of food preparation, securing groceries and stocks the pantry. She is the dietician, the nutritionist and often the chef!  She is the gardener and the cleaning lady.  She is the secretary, she keeps the family calendar and schedules appointments.  She is the taxi driver and chauffeur and gets the children to sports events, family gatherings, school activities, school conferences, dental appointments and doctor visits.  She often is the accountant, director of payroll, allowances, bills and often has to give, spend, stretch and save!  She is the recorder, photographer, videographer, telephone and cell phone monitor, computer monitor, room monitor, homework monitor, and backpack monitor.  She is a teacher, educator, hairstylist, cosmetologist, barber, bug killer, playmate, family veterinarian, dog walker, dog groomer, poop scooper and pet feeder.   She is her husband’s personal assistant and lover, headache or not!  She keeps him going.  She is also a scapegoat—if something is not done or taken care of, she is the one that everyone looks to. She is, finally, the chief operating officer of the home.  Even if she can afford to hire people to do these tasks, she still has to coordinate it all!  She is a behavioral therapist, a counselor, Bible teacher and holds sessions in etiquette!

She is the ultimate servant and gives of herself at her own expense!  She puts everyone else first.  She is there when no one else is. No wonder those kids at school would threaten to beat someone up if somebody talked about their mother (The phrase “yo ‘ mama!” would be “fightin’ words)!  No wonder Hallmark does much of their profit around Mother’s Day!  No wonder the phone lines are tied up on Mother’s Day.  No wonder the athletes say “Hi, Mom!” on national television every chance they get. Mothers are just indescribable. They love so much so, that they will do and do and do for their families.

Mothers are plain spectacular.  They are all that and more.