Work Prepared

Posted on 02.07.2012

I had a productive day yesterday. If you were to ask me how my day went, I would readily say, “Very well. I had a good day.” To be really honest, I had a very good day. If you want to know what made my day great, you may not be very impressed.

I got up early, went to the gym. While there, I prayed and talked a little with my new friend (I had wanted to meet a friend). I came home, had my devotional time and read my Bible reading for the day. I sent my daughters their daily proverb, sent my friend her scripture for the day. I took a shower, got dressed, ate breakfast, took our daughter to school, stopped by my Mom’s house to say goodbye to my sister who had come down for the weekend and drove to the hospital to see a patient. Listened to a few songs for the new album on the way to the office. I saw patients in the office, interacted with the office staff, hugged staff, cried a little with the office manager about how good God is and talked about the fact that life is just what it is: painful, beautiful and just what it is. Because it is just what it is we must deal with what comes and keep going, no matter what happens. After finishing my work at the office, I left and went to to the AT&T store to get a few problems resolved with my phone, picked my daughter up for a orthodontic appointment and went home, had dinner and started preparing for tomorrow and worked on a few items from my stack of work to do. Seriously, I always have a stack of work.

In all of that, I experienced God. In all of that which seems to be a “hodge-podge of busyness,”  Kingdom business was accomplished! This is true, because Ephesians 5:10 says, “For we are God’s workmanship created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

I knew when I woke up that morning, that God had already prepared my work for me to walk in for the day. Knowing that allowed me to have the faith that He lives in me and that His power in me is what propels me through the day and it is that power that has me touching the lives of others in the way that He has already ordained. He has others touching my life too! He has prepared it all! So our job is to hear His voice and allow Him to lead us.

That verse further tells us that we are His masterpieces—not a random pieces of junk –you are masterpieces that were created to do good works! So that means our work has been established and is good! Everything I did yesterday was a good work for the Kingdom. Think about that. I thank God that he designed my life to be significant and to matter. He created you and me to do good works as we live a life that is what it is—a life that happens everyday and a life that  is really not a mundane and boring exercise.

So, live. Go to work.