Prayer: Keep Your Eye On Me

Posted on 02.14.2012

Lord, I love You and I fear You. My love for You has drawn me in. I love what You love and I hate what You hate. I learned that “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” (Proverbs 9:10). Therefore, I seek to know you, to live in You, to live for You. Lord, You are my only hope. The hope that I even have originates from You. My soul waits in silence for You only; for my hope comes from You (Psalm 62:5).

Have mercy on me. Watch over me. Save me from doing the things that I should not do and help me to do the things that I should do. I realize that I am only a thread away from disaster if not for your grace and for your mercy. Thank You for Your mercy on me, enough to keep me from sin.

Keep your eye on me. Watch my mouth, save me from saying the things I shouldn’t say, even when what I want to say  sounds powerful and slick. It just might be hurtful. It might give someone an ugly impression of You, coming from me. It may be just plain wrong. Lord, watch over my eyes,that they may turn away from those things that could lead me into temptation. Watch my ears, that I would plug them when I hear things that are not conducive to my living a holy life. Let everything in me knowingly reject anything I hear that would attempt to invade my holy temple; for, my human body belongs to You. It is where Your Holy Spirit dwells.

I see others falling before me, behind me, around me, falling from the extreme and obvious pressures of life. I could be them. I see others succumb to worldly temptations because they do not have Your Peace—I see them running from the past and turning to inanimate substances and ungodly people to heal what ails them. Oh, my God, there is not a person, a drug or anything in this world that will heal me or save me like You can, Lord. While, I claim that my faith is solid, I remind myself, that I am only a thread’s-width away from falling. Oh, let my pride be gone. Let me humble myself before You, Lord, and say, I need You. Keep me from falling! Help me to run and never look back when and if I am confronted with any subtle situation that would try to take me away from Your plan and purpose for my life! Oh, my—the temptations in this  world, this flesh and that evil one are many! Lord, help me to know those issues that can grab my attention and pull me in the wrong direction and keep me away from them. Let Your Holy Spirit continue to grow in me so much so, that it floods my mortal being and, hence, conquers my flesh.

So, Lord, keep Your eye on me:

“Behold, the eye of the Lord is upon them that fear Him, upon them that hope in His mercy.” Psalm 33:18