What I’ve Learned After 25 Years of Marriage

Posted on 02.13.2013

Today, my husband and I are celebrating 25 years of marriage! As I thought about this week’s blog, I could not resist writing about what God has done in us through the years. So, I will share a list of what I have learned by being married to Michael David Stain. But, before I share my little list, I must share this:

Michael Stain has been one of the kindest, nicest people I have ever met. He has been a wonderful provider, friend, adviser, confidante and playmate! He has been a wonderful father who has been very involved with our daughters. My own mother always says that our daughters have “two mothers and a father!” She says that because she has watched Michael care for our daughters just as I would, they have two mothers and a father! I want to thank Michael for being “a man after God’s own heart.” I have publicly said, “I love God more than I love Michael.” Michael has chimed out right back in those settings, “I love God more than I love you too!” That comeback has provoked huge laughter over the years—He would get me right back!

Michael and Janice Stain

Marriage is a holy sacrament instituted by God. It is, by Webster’s definition, “held to be a sign of divine grace or symbol of a spiritual reality.” It is amazing that two people can come together, not by blood, but by the spirit and form a unit that goes deep and then leads to a family unit with its own unique characteristics! Through trials and challenges, I have been so grateful to be the wife of Michael Stain. Here is what I have learned and what has encouraged me through the years (some of these are well-known quotes that I have found to be so true and helpful):

A marriage is a union of two good forgivers. As long as we continue to forgive each other and give out unmerited favor, we will make it.

Marriage is not to make us happy, but to make us holy. The difficulties we face in our marriage have caused us to become more Christ-like.

Marriage is giving one hundred percent, not fifty percent. If we continue to each give one hundred percent, each one’s needs are taken care of.

When we put on love first, we can make it through anything, as a friend once told us.

In marriage, God is interested in how we each respond and react, not what the other person does.

We need to keep our relationship fresh and alive. Keep making each other laugh!

He needs my respect and I need to be loved.

We must continue to accept and respect each other’s differences.

Okay. That is it. I hope someone is blessed and encouraged by this exposé! For those of you who are married, keep going and give it your best! Now we move into the next 25! Yippee!