What I Was Looking For: Part Two

Posted on 12.19.2011

After seventeen years, I still try to complain about how early I get up in the morning. I have tried to get out of getting up that early, but not getting up that early every day never works out for me! Yes. Seven-days-a-week, at 4:00 a.m., either my alarm clock will wake me up or my inner clock will. I just get up and go to my special spot in our home after I make my hazelnut coffee, complete with non-dairy creamer and sugar! I sit in my chair and I begin to think and meditate on the “day that the Lord has made” (Psalm 118:24). I open my Bible and I begin to read, actively seeking Him. I am always fascinated over and over again at the power, truth and knowledge I glean from that great Book. It is more than a great book! It is God’s love letter to me and to those who seek Him.

The Bible is the “Word of God” but it is also Him (John 1:1). I am amazed at the peace and contentment I feel in those moments and how I end up always asking that He give me that same peace and contentment that day when I am in the middle of a difficult surgery or when I am having a difficult conversation with a family member, or whatever! That is the treasure I seek: Peace. I seek joy and contentment no matter what is going on in the course of a day. Money cannot buy that treasure—that is true treasure. Who, in this world is not seeking peace?  I propose that even those who would say that they are seeking war are doing so, just so they can find peace. Think about that. Those who seek to want to fight or have drama in their lives do so as a quest for peace.

In that quiet moment as I start my day, I write down notes of the things I need to accomplish that day. These thoughts even come to me while I am praying or reading and meditating on God’s Word in the Bible! I actually thank God for that because it always seems to be the things I would have forgotten to remember!

Anyway, I spend time praying and even crying during that time. I share my concerns with my Heavenly Father God. I feel close to Him. He listens. I feel Him giving me strength and wisdom. I feel Him giving me hope for me and mine and for everyone else I pray for or think about. I feel Him calming the fears I have.  I ask Him to fill me with His Holy Spirit so that I will have all of these treasures for the day and night ahead. The “crazy busy” day is merciless and not compassionate.

However, the God of the universe, who made the day, is merciful and full of compassion. So much so, that He will reward me with all that I was looking for when I got up that morning. That, alone, is a treasure. As I seek Him early in the morning, He dwells within me all day long and I find exactly whatever I need.