New Release: “More Than The Stars”

Posted on 12.13.2011

Thank you to everyone who came to the “More Than The Stars” video release party! Thanks to Pastors Jymme and Lana Foote for so graciously hosting us at their church and for making everyone feel so welcome. The video is now live.

I’m grateful to have family, friends and acquaintances that are interested in the things of God and want to spread the gospel truth. Thank you for embarking on this wonderful journey with me as we continue to see what God has in store for this project!

“More Than The Stars” is the single to my upcoming album, Take Me To A Place. The song is about receiving God’s unconditional love that will get you smiling, singing, and dancing! Listen! Hear! And be loved!

Please feel free to check back weekly for blog updates. We are looking forward to finishing the upcoming album by the end of the year. As you think of the band, please keep us in your prayers. This album will be the type of upbeat (mostly) music with each song having a deep message in and of itself.  We believe that it will encourage the listener or hearer to become more “independently dependent” (someone else coined that phrase) on Jesus Christ as their source of all that they need.  The songs are dense with the truth of God’s Word.

Finally, I would like to publicly acknowledge the band: Cheryl, Darrell, Ernie, George, Jeri, Jesse, Marco, Pat, Ron—these vocalists and musicians are the best and the biggest blessing that I could ever ask for.

We are excited about all that God has prepared for us to do, for God has already prepared the works for us to walk in (Ephesians 2:10). We are walking in it now!  We want to take every opportunity that God gives us to spread the good news that Jesus loves us.  Put on your shoes and help spread the good news (Romans 10:14-15)!

Join us in this gospel-spreading journey by sharing your faith in God’s love. God bless you as you consider this adventure anew!