Train Your Spiritual Muscles

Posted on 10.10.2012

One of my favorite movies is “Evan Almighty.”  There are several scenes in it that are very personally meaningful.  One scene that I often think about is the morning Evan Baxter is about to leave his home to go to work on his first day in Congress.  After having groomed himself, Evan looks into the mirror smiling and says:  “I am successful, I am powerful, I am handsome, I am happy!”

As I look at this scene, I like it.  It reminds me that I must do the same, using different words that stem from the Truth in Christ. The truth is that I can do nothing or be anything without Christ.   Those who claim Jesus as Savior, can do the same also. I don’t know about you, but everyday I get up I must give myself a “pep talk” in order to walk through my day.  In fact, if my readers believe that my weekly blogs are just so I can look good or important on the web, they are wrong.  I blog because for one, someone told me I have a responsibility to not only share the music God gives me, but also the words He inspires me to share with others.  Two, I am being obedient to God by doing it.  Three, I am really talking to myself.  In other words, the more I sing, talk or write the Truth, the more I believe.

We must know what is true for ourselves and get the Truth in our spirits.  Jesus said Himself that we would know the Truth and that the Truth would set us free (John 8:32).  What would happen if we pressed into the truth of who we are in Christ, just a little more—say, maybe, 10% more?  The Truth, that by which we need to live—that Bread of Life—is right there in God’s Word!  Every problem that we face has a solution, and it is found in God’s Word.  The problem is, can you or I find that Truth easily on a moment’s notice as we face situations daily?  When you have fear, can you pull up that verse out of your “mental rolodex” and quote God’s Truth about fear?  Can you look into the mirror at any time and counter the lies of the evil one with the Word, like Jesus did when he was tempted and harassed by Satan?  What would happen to you if you remembered that Jesus loves you and that you are special to Him and it doesn’t really matter what anybody else says to you?  This kind of Truth has the power of life.  It has the power to sustain you when you cannot rely on others—your family or your friends.  Can the Truth you know sustain you?  Do you know what is true?  Do you really believe that you are made in God’s image and knowing that can change how you function in your job and how you interact with your peers?  What would happen in our families and communities if we lived by the Truth?

Know the truth.  My recommendation to every reader:  Buy a plain notebook, or a cute journal (they sell those everywhere now), that can fit in your purse or laptop case or briefcase.  Write down each and every verse you come across in your daily Bible reading that may be useful for combatting the wiles of this world.  Write down the ones that you need to inspire yourself.  Establish this book of your favorite Bible verses.  They will then be available to you to refer to until you have them permanently in your brain bank.  If you remain consistent, this exercise will help build up your faith and your spiritual muscle.  If you do this, you will look in the mirror and tell yourself the Truth.  You will smile confidently in Christ and walk away with the world at your feet (Psalm 8:6)!