Time with the Women in Medicine and Dentistry

Posted on 10.03.2012

I just returned from a wonderful gathering of women doctors and dentists from every part of the country.  Women in Medicine and Dentistry (WIMD) is a commission of the Christian Medical and Dental Association.  This group of women gathered in Huron, Ohio, last weekend.   Being with them and hearing the life-changing message of the main speaker impacted me very deeply.  Let me share a little about what I experienced:

I had the pleasure of listening to medical lectures and worshipping with the women who gave the lectures.  I ate breakfast with a fellow obstetrician from another state, who came to the conference to get some much-needed rest.  As we ate our meal, she talked about the challenges she has faced personally and professionally for the past year.  She remains firm in her faith and thankful to God for His grace and mercy.

I observed women who brought their husbands to the conference.  Some couples were both doctors. I was able to meet the husband of one doctor friend who has been a special support for me ever since I met her.  Her doctor husband is just as sweet as she is.  I enjoyed seeing them together.  The men who attended actually were able to attend lectures provided for the men (The Men’s Track).

I shared dinner with a first-time attendee and we discussed human pain, suffering and death and how “holy” all of that really is—because God is there—right in the midst of it.  She knows, for, she has suffered with a horrible type of cancer.  Now she, this doctor, helps others in their pain and suffering.  She faithfully co-leads a prayer group for cancer patients.  Her love and compassion for others was evident.  We related well to each other and that was a good thing for both of us. Our conversation helped me verbalize some things I needed to address.

I watched the leaders of this group brilliantly conduct the conference so professionally—organized and thoughtfully planned with their attendees in mind.  Oh wait—the people who pull this off are practicing doctors, some married, some not, with and without children and busy lives!  They plan it such that we can come to the conference and be encouraged and refreshed.

I sang with my Ob/Gyn-piano- playing friend, a worship leader also!  I talked with my other Ob/Gyn friend, who cautions me on getting too busy in my practice.  I had a few admonishments for her, too!  I got caught up with my brilliant young doctor friend who needs to take time to rest.

I listened with tears in my eyes as one of the women “pioneer” doctors shared about what she went through in the early days.  She was told that she could not become a doctor.  Her hair is now a beautiful white and curly.  Ever since I started coming to the WIMD conferences, she has always been an encouragement to me.  I was in awe to hear her wisdom and fresh perspective.

I had the opportunity to sit next to a fourth-year medical student who was impressive and plans to go into orthopedics.  She knows Jesus.  I cried listening to a Family Practice resident tell me how she met the Lord when her mother died.  I was touched as I led worship and heard those ladies singing.  They  had come for medical education, yes, but they came to spend time with the Lord.  That part is what touches me the most.

The women of WIMD love God and seek to know Him and to make Him known.  They serve people in their practices, communities, churches and through mission trips all over the world. They care about those who cannot fight for themselves.  This past weekend, we all sat together as we were riveted by a life-changing message that was “deeper than deep” brought to us by a theologian named Carolyn Custis James.  I am humbled to be around these women.  If we continue to let God have His way with us, we will be a God-force to be reckoned with.

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