TMTP – Day 16

Posted on 01.16.2013

The following post is Day 16 of 18, in the series Take Me To A Place – in 18 Days:

I like the word “alright.” I read that it being spelled that way is really not proper, but that is alright. The proper writing of it is “all right.” Either way by me, it’s all right.

What I like about the word is its meaning: it means that all is in order; all is correct or in proper or satisfactory operational or working order. It also means that everything is “very well.” The aforementioned descriptive terms were given to me with a dictionary’s help. At any rate, I like it and I am sure you like it when everything is all right. It says that not just a few things are right but that everything is. All things are right.

When I go to that place in Jesus, I enter into the land of “All Right.” In His Presence there is nothing out of order. All is correct and proper. In fact, everything is more than satisfactory. Rather, all is at its very best. Everything works as it should. Further, this place is calm, quiet, peaceful, joyful, gentle, painless and healthy.

Every topic we have discussed daily for this soon-to-be-over 18-Day journey points to the truth that with Jesus everything is good. This is also to say that even if in our temporal world all hell is breaking loose,” in Christ it is not. For, when He died on the cross, He cancelled the penalty of sin, namely disorderliness, pain, death, and so on.

So, right now, I rejoice that everything is right—all right—for you and for me!