Thoughts on Motherhood

Posted on 05.15.2013

There are many of you out there who could share your thoughts as a mother and what it has been like being a mother. If you are a mother, you will most likely share my sentiments.

First, I want to thank God and my husband, Michael for making me a mom. My role as a mother has been a privilege and an honor. My mother often thanks me for being her daughter. I, too, feel thankful to my daughters for letting me be their mother, as if they had anything to do with it!

Motherhood has been a lesson in sacrifice, learning that it is not all about me, but all about God and my children. I cannot do whatever I want when I want. I take into account what they need to do before I can make any plans. I could go on about the sacrifices. Motherhood has been about a lesson in trust. I have to trust God to take care of our children. He hears my prayers for them and He wants the best for them. I believe that God is partial to godly mothers who pray diligently and fervently. He answers prayer. Motherhood has been a lesson in being a role model. When I see my children do some of the things I do, I realize that they are highly influenced by my actions, not my words. I hope my actions have matched my words to them, as I live for Christ. Do they see Christ in me?

I realize that I may have made mistakes in raising our children, even though I have attempted to educate myself about childrearing. Since age eighteen, I have not only read books about parenting and mothering, but also listened to well-known radio personalities who are experts in parenting! I have prayed for wisdom and have consistently prayed for our daughters. However, I realize that the outcome is in His hands.

So, as the days go on and life gets more complicated, our daughters keep growing up. One will soon be 21 and the other is already 17. I will continue to look to God for wisdom and daily guidance. I thank Him for showing me that my family is the most important gift He has given me next to Himself! In the days ahead, I look forward to being involved in their lives we move toward eternity.

Finally, the role of Mother is priceless—one cannot put a dollar amount on it. I have enjoyed being a mother and having a great mother! So, though we officially celebrated a few days ago, Happy Mother’s Day, everyday to every mother, everywhere!