The Value of One

Posted on 03.07.2012

I am constantly reminded that we human beings tend to forget how important we all are. In His love letter, God has told us that we have been “created in His image” (Genesis 1:27).  He has also told us that we are  his “workmanship” or “masterpiece” (Ephesians 2:10).

Years ago, someone created a slogan that became quite popular. It went something like, “I know I am somebody, because God don’t make no junk!” I recall this slogan having a little cute kid with a pouty face. This small campaign was meant to remind us that we all have the highest intrinsic value because we have been intentionally created by the Most High God of the universe. Did you get that? The Creator has created us “on purpose” and further, with purpose. Frankly, we need to grab ahold of that concept and open our eyes to it. If we would, it would change our lives for the better.

When I was in my twenties and thirties, I seemed to have noticed something that used to bother me: I have never been in the habit of telling people what my profession is, unless they ask. I usually do not ask people what they do for a living, because I am more interested in their character. Sadly, I noticed that some people would treat me one way when they did not know my profession. Then, they would change the way they would treat me, once they found out I was a doctor. Sometimes, they would not treat me very nicely. I felt sadness when I saw their treatment of me change for the better, based on them knowing my occupation.

Let’s face it: humans are “respectors of persons.” We value those with high status, fame, higher socioeconomic status, or beauty. Unfortunately, we value the superficial. I am baffled at how we will even allow certain people to get away with unflattering behavior based on their status.

I like knowing who people are by their character, not their social standing. I am a preacher’s kid and I have witnessed the devaluation of persons in the church. I have been around people with money and fame, and let me tell you, we are all “the same.” We are all human and we have the same basic human problems. I cut people open of all races and walks of life (I am a surgeon), and I can find the same organs in the same places in every body. All human blood is red once it is oxygenated. We are “fearfully and wonderfully made…” (Psalm 139:14).

So, what is my point?

Value the janitor. I do not like dirty or stinky anything.  I prefer a clean public restroom, when needed. Thanks, Mr. Janitor. I like my “extra-hot, soy, white mocha with hazelnut and no whip” on many mornings. Um, It’s good! Thank you, Miss Barista person (I ain’t gonna be rude to her)! I appreciate the nurses, the teachers, the preachers and the cashiers. I love the “stay-at-home moms” who are doing the most important job of all:  loving their kids and husbands, and raising the next generation of great people. These are all people with value. I am no better than they are and neither are you. God places the highest value on all of us. This includes your husband, son, daughter, sister or brother.

I value people and I want to value them more. If I can see their value and treat them so, perhaps they will see it in themselves.

Each day, when we look into that one person’s eyes and talk with him and treat her like the valuable person that man, woman or child is, we have the appointed opportunity to change the course of their day, to encourage them. Then, that one valuable person just may go on to change his life for the better, and maybe make a great difference in the world. You made a difference in theirs.

One valuable person. Just look around you.