Staying Anchored in Troubled Times

Posted on 04.24.2013

A lot has happened in the last week. We have seen some frightening events that make us contemplate life. Recent events cause us to wonder how long it will be until Jesus’ return or how soon He will return. Gee, even our eldest daughter verbally pondered with me how much of this life she will experience. In so many words, she said that Jesus should probably come back soon, since there seems to be more chaos from week to week. I was encouraged to see how well she understood the plight of our dying world. Yet, I was a little sad that we were having this serious conversation.

I just want to ask you a question: How firm is your stance when trouble comes? How hopeful are you when all hell breaks loose? Is your foundation solid? How prepared are you to face religious persecution, war and economic challenges? How are you dealing with the continuing threat of terrorism?

Every day I am impressed to dig deeply into the Word of God. The Word is where I find hope and peace and reassurance that God is in control. I am reminded that the story of our world has been written and the ending is a good one: We are going to leave this world of trouble and reign with Christ in a new earth. We will enjoy Him forever. The trouble here is temporary. Until then, I must continue to diligently seek Him. Seeking Him does calm my spirit and cancel out any anxiety that comes with facing tragic events. I am called to be a light of hope for others.

I am impressed to make sure that my foundation is solid, so that when the storms of life come, I will not be shaken (Psalm 62:1-2). That solid foundation is built by staying in God’s Presence by keeping an active prayer life and study of God’s truths in His Word. Also, staying in fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ, serving and doing good deeds as a result of our salvation reinforces that solid foundation. Through our lives, others are encouraged to have hope in troubled times.

Finally, I often sing one of the greatest hymns ever written, The Solid Rock, confirming my posture in these challenging days! Here is one verse and chorus:

My hope is built on nothing less,

Than Jesus’ blood and righteousness.

I dare not trust the sweetest frame,

But wholly lean on Jesus’ Name!


On Christ the Solid Rock I sand!

All other ground is sinking sand.

All other ground is sinking sand

We must make sure that our lives are anchored in Christ, a foundation that will last. We will be shaken if it is built upon human relationships, careers, money, fame or fortune. All of these will eventually fall. Our lives must be built upon Jesus, the Solid Rock and the Rock of Ages.