Life Can Be Tough to Handle

Posted on 09.12.2012

There are times in our lives when we take stock of where we stand —how we are doing and functioning.  There have been times in my life when I have been challenged.  Years back, I could always tell when I was getting overwhelmed—not just stressed—in situations that were affecting me in a negative way.  In those days, one of the signs was my being late.  When I would start to be tardy for everything, I knew that an emotional “meltdown” was on the way.  Once I recognized that, I would make the changes needed in order to take me “off of the edge” before it was too late.

I thank God for prompting me about my own self.  Having a “sober estimation” of how one is doing is a good thing.  Living in denial is not.  It is better to know yourself and to be able to face the truth about your situation.  When you are able to face the truth, as with anything, you will be set free to pursue a better, healthier course for whatever your circumstance is.

Presently, I am at a point that has caused me to place myself on “lockdown.” “Lockdown” is a term that is often used in the prison system. In this instance, I am using it to mean this:  I place myself under focused protection from “dangerous” or unhealthy external events or influences.  I need to be on “lockdown” because I have noticed in the past few weeks that current social issues are bothering me such that I, Miss Optimistic Pollyanna, have felt twinges of discouragement.

I am a person who usually looks forward to getting up everyday to be with God and to start all over again with enthusiasm and hope about life and the charge that God has placed on it: To love others and to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ; to encourage people no matter what their circumstances are. I know very well that whatever our country and world faces, Jesus is the answer. That is my thing.  However, lately, I have been irritated at how our country is denying God, promoting social agendas that are morally bankrupt and spending our way into serious debt. The negativity of all of this is trying to get into my system—my spirit—and it can weaken my witness of Christ!

So, I am putting myself on lockdown:  I am going to further deepen my gaze on Jesus, my Protector.  I am closed to that which is outside the things of God. I will keep my focus on God’s Word.  I will turn off the television and radio and neither listen to nor dwell on “all the bad.”  I will remain fixed on Christ so as to not be affected by the “ugly.”  By His Spirit, I will stay strong in the Lord (Ephesians 6), as I work in the time I have left on this beautiful, yet waning planet.  God is in control and His positive, good and healthy team wins in the end!

Therefore, whatever it is that you are facing, if you feel weak and shaky or “on the edge” like I have, put yourself on “lockdown” for now! One day, when you finally look up from your calling, you will be stronger, wiser and more like Jesus.  Remember, “…whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things” (Philippians 4: 8).