I Thank You, Lord

Posted on 11.19.2012

“The Lord has done great things for us and we were filled with joy.” Psalm 126:3

Last week, I read this verse as part of my daily Bible reading schedule. My eyes filled with tears, as I begin to think about how good God has been to me and to my family over the years.  This verse caused me to think of a song that I used to hear, over and over, in different churches, sung by different choirs, when I was a little girl:  “How I got over, over!  My soul looks back and wonders how I got over!”  As for me, I wonder sometimes how God has seen me through so many challenges.  One thing for sure, I know how I got over—God did it!  He has never left me or forsaken me!  I even wrote two songs about it years ago.  One was called “I Remember.”  The song says, “I Remember that He did not forget about me.”  Another song is called, “He Keeps Watching Over Me.”  He keeps on watching over me. He never slumbers nor sleeps.  Right now, in the spirit of Thanksgiving season, I just want to simply give Him thanks:

I thank You Lord, for having the muscles, joints and tendons to allow me to type this blog.  My fingers work normally.

I thank You, Lord, that I can see what I am typing.  My eyes are functioning well.

I thank You that I can afford to have a computer on which to type and also the technology associated with it.  It allows me to keep up with our world, so that I, as Your servant, can have an impact on our culture.

I thank You for my husband, to whom I have been married for twenty-five years.

Thank You that we are still growing together and getting to know each other better as we continue to partner as parents and as warriors in Your Kingdom.

Thank You, Lord, for my daughters, who continue to force me to grow in my relationship with You.  I thank You for who you have created them to be. It is a privilege to be their mother.

Thank You, Lord, for Your love that You give to me through my family, friends, colleagues and even strangers.  I need it.

Thank you, Lord, for Your Word that is my daily Bread, without which I would surely die.

Thank You Lord for Your protection over the years from dangers that have been seen and unseen.

Thank You, Lord, for Hope. Without hope, I do not think I would get up in the morning.

Thank You for providing what we need when we need it.

Thank You for running water—water to cook with, clean with and bathe in.

Thank You for choosing to have a relationship with me. I would be forever lost without You.

Yes,  “the Lord has done great things for us” and today I am filled with great joy!

Think of everything you can over the next few days to thank Him for.  As you thank Him, you too, will be filled with even greater joy!