Home Offense

Posted on 06.07.2012

As I stood in the garage and watched my husband leave for work (after that kiss I planted on his lips), I looked down and noticed the fresh jug of “Home Defense®”  I had recently purchased. This stuff really works to ward off and kill on contact, the bugs and spiders that our pest control service doesn’t abolish. As I stood there, I thought about the negative elements I have prayed to “ward off” on behalf of my family and home as a mother and wife.  It was both an interesting and profound thought. At the same time, it was funny. It was funny to me because I began to imagine myself with a superhero’s cape, standing on my porch declaring to all the world what my motto is: To defend our home against the forces of evil that would seek to “steal, kill and destroy” what God has established.

I started defending our home years before our children were born. I was led to the idea that I would need to always be on offense. Being on offense has meant that I have had to first and foremost be a superhero of prayer. Defending really means being prepared and not waiting until disaster comes to call on God to fix something—those urgent situations will come anyway. Other situations or issues can develop insidiously through neglect or inattention. It happens. It’s life. Life will bring them on as a matter of course.

Therefore, I must defend my home by remaining grounded and daily being face-to-face with The Almighty Rock of my Salvation so that the fruit of His Holy Spirit will flow out of me onto my family and work that which is good. That good fruit is unconditional love, inexplicable joy, incomprehensible peace, unending patience, unfathomable kindness, steadfast faithfulness, persistent gentleness and unbreakable self-control. Only the Spirit can produce that. I can’t. Evil cannot exist in such an environment.

Being a home defender means staying on offense by establishing as it says in Joshua 24:15: “…as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” Proclaiming that which God wants for our families is important. For, being on offense is believing in all that God has promised for your family and not giving up. After we ask, we can go ahead and thank Him because we believe He will do it. That is also what defending is about—believing. The Lord has told us in Philippians that being a defender is being on offense by not worrying, but rather by praying. That passage goes on to tell us that when we pray about those things, we are to thank Him.

As an offensive defender of my home, I am constantly thanking Him for who He is and for what He has done and for what He is going to do.  God is—and He does what He is.

So, you Defenders, stay on offense! Be superheroes of prayer! Stay grounded and face-to-face with the Almighty Rock! Believe and thank Him so that the “bugs and spiders” won’t come in. If they do, they will die on contact!